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So, I talked to my advisor, and she said she will try to see if she can take of one the classes I already took, and have it replace the class that stopping me from graduating. Wish me luck y'all.
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OK, so this asshole just emailed me back and told me it was my fault that the documents can up blank because I didn't check to make sure they went through properly. Sorry douchebag, but I assume that when safe assign tells me my shit went through without any issues, that I don't have to check it to make sure it's not a fucking blank page. God, I hate him. I hope he gets AIDS, or gets hit by a bus, or mauled by a fucking pride of lions.
boss Bastard/Basic Bastard


Okay, so I just found out that there is a chance I might not be graduating in December because of a fucking computer error. My school uses blackboard, and for one of my classes some of my assignments were not uploading correctly to the site. So, instead of telling me when I took the class (which was in the spring of this year), the teacher tells me now SIX FUCKING MONTHS AFTER I FINISHED WITH THE CLASS. And, the only reason I even know about it was because my academic advisor emailed me today about said class. And the fucker has th nerve to tell me that there's nothing I can do to make up the grades when it isn't even my fucking fault that that shit didn't upload to blackboard right.

So lets review:
1. I hand in assignments on time.
2. Said assignments don't upload properly to blackboard.
3. Asshole teacher doesn't even bother telling me about it until today, which is a whopping six months after the class was over.
4. Now I'm fucked because that dumb asshole didn't even tell me that my assignments weren't opening for him.
5. Me right now:
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I wish I drank, it'd be an excellent fucking day to start.